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10 Easter Activities for Kids

10 Easter Activities for Kids


Easter is a fantastic chance for the family to come together and create some cherished memories, while enjoying lovely food and entertainment. If you or your loved ones have small children, you’ll be no stranger to the adorable, buzzing chaos that comes with every family gathering or holiday. Here are some great ideas to keep the littles ones occupied with fun activities for everyone to enjoy!

1. Easter Gift Baskets 

There’s no better time for random acts of kindness than a holiday! Get your kids involved in making cute little Easter gift baskets for an elderly relative, a neighbor, a person in need or anyone who would appreciate them. You can add some imagination to the contents by including some Easter eggs that the kids have painted or decorated themselves, baked goods and sweet messages to make the person feel special.

2. Easter Egg Hunt

A classic Easter activity, the egg hunt adds some excitement and friendly competition to the morning of the celebrations. You can make this even more entertaining with some fresh ideas. For example, start by cutting out egg and bunny shapes out of cardboard and sticking them around the house for clues. Or, if possible, you could paint some bunny footprints on your footpaths or cut some out of paper and place them around the house so your little chicks can follow them. Inside the plastic eggs, try hiding some creative instructions, for example ‘hop like a bunny’ or ‘sing your favorite song’ to get everyone moving and having fun. You could also hide puzzle pieces inside them, so the children have to find all the eggs to complete the puzzle. One of the eggs could contain a ‘golden ticket’ that kids would exchange for a special prize! If you’re looking to cut back on plastic and introduce your little ones to the nature around them, a scavenger hunt provides a great option. Give them instructions to find things like pinecones, certain plants or flowers, specific colors or shapes, instruct them to spot birds or insects. A nature scavenger hunt will stimulate their knowledge of the outside world.

3. Egg and spoon race

This fun, Easter-themed game dates all the way back to the late 1800s, but it’s still just as entertaining today! Minimize the mess by using some hardboiled eggs and all you need in addition are some metal or wooden spoons for each participant. This is a game that the whole family can get involved with and spark some good-natured rivalry.

4. Drawing, painting and decorating

If Easter falls on a rainy day this year, painting, drawing or decorating are great options to keep the kids occupied. You could paint or decorate hardboiled eggs or use egg-shaped cut-outs and rocks instead. Get into the holiday spirit by cutting out some bunny or baby chick shapes from construction paper or card stock for them to embellish too. If your little one is having withdrawals from Christmas, you could also decorate a tree either outside or indoors with some decorative eggs and other Easter-related items.

5. Egg rolling

Now that you have decorated your hardboiled eggs, let’s see how everyone matches up in the traditional egg rolling game! Normally, this activity is enjoyed outside, however, you could also do it inside, if you have enough space. Everyone will need their egg and a wooden spoon and whoever can roll it past the finish line first, wins. To switch it up, try rolling the eggs down a hill to see which one rolls the furthest.

6. Easter Parade

Whether you’re venturing out to a local Easter parade or staying at home, you can still make your very own Easter hats! Simply use an old hat or make your own out of paper or card stock. Then, you can attach real or fake flowers using glue, or even cut them out of paper as well. Get the whole family involved and organize your very own, fancy and colorful Easter parade to show off your creations! 

7. Easter masks

If you’re after something a bit simpler and less time consuming than Easter parade hats, masks can be easy to make. Use some sturdy construction paper to make bunny ears. Simply make a headband by either gluing or stapling together a strip of paper, then cut out some bunny ears and attach them to the headband. To make a mask, you can use a paper plate, cut out some holes for the eyes and paint them as you wish. Attach bunny ears or anything else you would like. Make them wearable by attaching a piece of elastic or gluing them onto a lollipop stick to hold on to. 

8. Plant flowers

Planting some tulips, daffodils or any other flowers together will inspire your little ones to look after their environment and give them a sense of pride for looking after the plants. Usually, bulbs are planted during the fall season, but you can plant them indoors at Easter time too. If you prefer to make this an outdoor activity, buy a plant that’s already blooming and transfer it outside into your garden. 

9. Read together

For a relaxing activity that will suit children of all ages, read an Easter-themed book with them. This is a great option if the weather is unsuitable for outdoor adventures, or if they have tired themselves out during the day. There are plenty of interactive books available that are perfect to read at Easter and any other time of the year.

10. Venture out as a family

If you’re looking for something extra special for your little ones to wear, or, perhaps a beautiful gift from the Easter bunny, check out our Easter Collection of clothing for boys and girls! We have sizes available for new-born babies as well as toddlers to keep them cute and cosy. Shop items like our Bunny Buzz Jumper Set or the Pique Baby Bunnies Playsuit and keep your little Easter bunnies warm with Pique Baby Bunnies blanket and hats available in blue and pink. Our Bunny Buzz and Pique Baby Bunnies collections feature baby blue, baby pink and white color palettes, with Easter-themed patterns, and are made of 100% Pima cotton. This material provides an incredibly soft, luxurious feel and its longer fibers ensure durability, wash after wash and wear after wear.


We hope you have found some useful ideas for quality family time and wish you and your loved ones a happy and joyful Easter!

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