Top 8 Tips for Baby’s First Photoshoot

Kissy Kissy

Posted on March 09 2022

Top 8 Tips for Baby’s First Photoshoot


The best part about having your baby’s first photoshoot is that you’ll be able to look back on these and cherish the little life you’ve created—even if it’s thirteen years later and they’re being unruly teenagers!

But these photoshoots can take a little tinkering to get just right and there’s always something around the corner you haven’t prepared for! In this article, we’re going to help you out with a few top tips for getting the best out of baby’s first photos!

Go Pro or Phone a Friend

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether or not you want to get a professional photographer to take your baby’s first pictures or if you’re going to stick to your phone camera.

There are pros and cons to each. With a professional, of course, you’ll have to pay and either travel to them or have them come to you, which can lead to additional costs. You can expect a decent photographer to charge between $50 to $200 dollars an hour and these shoots can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a whole day. The upside is you’re likely going to end up with a beautiful set of keepsake photos that have not only been professionally taken, but also edited.

On the other hand, the cameras in our phones have become increasingly powerful and adept at capturing stunning images. With a little bit of know-how, you can edit these pictures yourself and come out with a pretty nice product too.

Though, maybe you’ve got someone in your life—a nephew, aunt or shutterbug friend—who's interested in building their photography portfolio. Ask around and see if there’s anyone in your circle who has an SLR camera and wants to help out in return for dinner or a nice bottle of wine.

Put Baby First

Whether you choose to take your pictures with a professional or just with your phone’s camera, your baby’s comfort should always come first. More pointedly, if baby isn’t comfortable, content and happy, you’re not going to get the amazing first baby photos you’ve been dreaming of. Plan your photoshoot around your baby’s moods and needs.

Consider Your Timing

Many of the best first baby pictures are taken when baby is resting with a full tummy. Therefore, scheduling your photoshoot after they’ve fed could be the key to success. But, if you’re set on photos while baby is awake, it’s helpful to know your baby’s wake windows. Wake windows are times of the day between your baby’s naps when they’re awake and alert. If you want your first photos to be of your baby’s big beautiful eyes open, aligning your shoot around their wake windows is when they’ll be the most content and least fussy.

Get Cozy, Get Comfy

Whether you want a sleepy or wakeful set of first photos, having, and keeping, baby comfortable is of the utmost importance. Get them nice and cozy in their most comfortable pair of PJs or footies, consider a snuggly hat and soft booties too! Whatever you can do to get your baby the most relaxed and content will make your shoot so much easier and photo-fruitful!

Be Prepared for Accidents

While baby’s getting glammed up or having their photo taken, you start to notice the squirming, and a familiar funky smell has begun to waft from their diaper. As a parent, you know accidents can happen at any time and a photoshoot is no exception, so have on hand anything you might need to get baby cleaned up and fresh. Remember, especially if you’re having a pro take these first photos for baby, you’re on the clock! So be prepared to swoop in, change, wipe, and reset.

Be Prepared for Feedings

In all the fuss and fashion of a photoshoot, don’t forget to upkeep baby’s feeding schedule. Shoots can sometimes take hours to get right and your little one will get hungry in that time, so take breaks when the need arises to make sure baby is fed and comfortable.

Have Fun with It

While we all love solemn sleepy photos, some silly smiley photos are great too! Get baby into some fun, funky outfits and throw some silly props in there! Maybe Dad’s sunglasses, or some of your baby’s favorite funny, fuzzy toys, or much-loved stuffed animal—whatever gets baby, and you, smiling.

Above All, Relax

Even if things go a little awry and baby gets fussy or has an accident and you forgot the diapers in the car, bottle at the house or their favorite binky at grandma’s two weeks ago, remember to breathe and relax. No matter what, you’re going to cherish these photos, and just like a little rain on a wedding is good luck, a little crying at baby’s first photoshoot is OK, too!