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Top 7 Tips for a Sustainable and Fashionable Earth Day

Top 7 Tips for a Sustainable and Fashionable Earth Day

April 22nd is Earth Day and we’re focusing on the importance of taking care of our planet as well as the small changes and choices we can make to protect it.

From the production of fibers to the disposal of clothes, every step of the clothing production process has unintended consequences. In fact, the fashion industry produces 10% of all humanity’s carbon emissions and is the second-largest consumer of the world’s water supply.

Further, Americans throw away a staggering 17 million tons of clothing each year, and most of it ends up in landfills where it can take hundreds of years to decompose. The production of new clothes also requires resources such as water, energy, and raw materials, which can contribute to climate change and other environmental problems.

But, while it may seem overwhelming, there are a number of choices we as consumers can make to help our environmental impact become less harmful and more sustainable.

Here, we will explore the connection between clothing and the environment, but more importantly provide tips on how to make sustainable fashion choices for your little one (and you) for this coming Earth Day!

Top 7 Tips for Sustainable Fashion

The good news is, there are many ways to make more sustainable fashion choices. Here are 7 tips to keep your fashion functional for Mother Earth:

1. Choose sustainable materials: Look for clothing made from sustainable materials like organic cotton from our Focus Kids collection. Not only are these rompers adorable, but the production of these materials requires less water and energy to produce. Plus, the organic cotton used is grown without the use of harmful chemicals!

Our current favorite is the Aquarium Rib Romper, which is just perfect for spring days!

2. Choose high-quality pieces: Invest in high-quality pieces that will last longer and can be worn in multiple ways. This will help reduce the need to buy new clothes frequently and reduce waste.

3. Buy second-hand: Second-hand clothing is an excellent way to reduce waste and save money. Thrift stores, consignment shops, and online resale platforms like Depop and ThredUp offer a wide range of stylish clothing options for both your little one and you!

4. Repair and reuse: Instead of throwing away clothes that are damaged or no longer fit, consider repairing or altering them to extend their lifespan. This can be a great way to give old clothes new life and save money in the process.

5. Wash clothes sustainably: Washing clothes can use a lot of water and energy, so try to wash clothes less frequently and use cold water. Hang-drying clothes is also a great way to save energy and reduce wear and tear on clothes.

6. Choose ethical brands: Look for brands that prioritize sustainable and ethical practices in their production processes.

7. Dispose of clothes responsibly: If you need to get rid of old clothes, try to dispose of them responsibly. Consider donating them to charity, or recycling them at textile recycling facilities. Kid and baby clothes make great hand-me-downs to new parents, too! This will greatly help reduce the amount of clothing that ends up in landfills.

Looking Forward

In addition to individual actions, there are also collective efforts to make the fashion industry more sustainable. Some companies are embracing circular fashion, which involves designing clothes with a focus on durability and recyclability. Others are exploring new materials such as recycled fabrics or biodegradable materials. By supporting these companies, we can encourage the fashion industry to become more sustainable.


Earth Day is a reminder of the importance of taking care of our planet. The fashion industry has a significant impact on the environment, but there are many ways to make more sustainable fashion choices. By choosing sustainable materials, buying and selling second-hand, and disposing of clothes responsibly, we can take care of our Earth for the benefit of our children.

By making more sustainable fashion choices, we can reduce the environmental impact of our clothing choices and protect the planet for our precious and important future generations.

Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to make a commitment to more sustainable fashion choices and inspire others to do the same!

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