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girl outside in spring

Spring Activities to Look Forward to with Your Little One

Spring is almost here, and that means it’s time to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. After such a long, cold winter, there are few things better than spring activities with your kids. After all, we’re all tired of being cooped up inside, and we’re ready to explore the new, greener and warmer world.

But what’s the best way to spend your time outside with your little one this spring? We’ve collected seven of our favorite spring ideas for getting outside and having fun.

Create a Kid Garden

Little Girl Gardening

If you love gardening and being outside, spread that same joy to your kids by creating their very own dedicated play garden. This small enclosure can be a wonderful place for your child to grow plants, enjoy sensory play, and more. It doesn’t have to be a big area, and you don’t have to do much to make a play garden that’s fun and full of learning potential. 

To get started:

  • Take a small semi-circular or square patch of lawn and mark out the edges of your kid garden.
  • Next pick out some low fencing, a couple of bags of compost, a few plants, and some kiddie tools. The fencing keeps your kid garden contained, and the rest provides hours of fun. Just be sure to leave a gap in the fence so your little one can get in and out.
  • Help your little one plant their choice of flowers, vegetables, and bushes.
  • Let her loose. 

With buckets, tools, rocks, and more she can create a lovely little space to play and learn without messing up your garden or the rest of your yard. Here are some ideas from The Imagination Tree

Paint Flower Pots

girl painting flower pots

One super fun and straightforward project idea is to paint flower pots with your kids outside on the patio. This is a great way to spend time outdoors, create something beautiful and unique, and teach your little one about plants. 

  • First, head to the nursery. Look for plants that can last for a long time and require very little nurturing to stay alive since their health will be in your child’s hands.
  • Back home, gather your flower pots and set up a sheet on the patio where you can paint.
  • Place the flower pot upside down for stability and then set out acrylic paint that won’t wash out of clothes and won’t flake off the pot.
  • Then, invite your child to go to town and paint to their heart’s content.
  • Once dry, plant your flowers and then throughout the spring and summer, help your little one take care of the plant and teach them as they watch it grow.

Here are some ideas from

Decorate Your Windows 

kids painting windows

When spring arrives, you might think it’s time to clean your windows for a clear view of outside, but maybe not quite yet. Your windows can be a great canvas for a fun and easy activity outdoors. A sticky window flower garden is fun, easy to clean up, and beautiful. Plus, it teaches your kids about nature.

It’s super easy to get started.

  • Gather your materials including contact paper, painter’s tape, and scissors.
  • Then, go on a walk outside with your little one to collect materials. Look for flowers, grasses, and more that your child can pull apart, play with, and stick to the window.
  • Once you’ve collected all your flowers, tape the contact paper to your window outside and then peel the backing off so the sticky side faces outward.
  • Let your child stick the flowers on the window in whatever design and order he/she wants. 

You can keep the design up for as long as you want, and when you’re ready to take it down, just peel the tape off and do it again. Here are some ideas from No Time for Flash Cards.

Head Out On A Picnic For Lunch

mom having a picnic with daughter

You don’t even have to go to the park for a wonderful picnic. Just lay down a blanket in your backyard and have an at-home picnic. It’s easy to throw a picnic in a snap and have a great time outside. Here are some ideas from My Kids Adventures.

Sidewalk Chalk Never Goes Out Of Style

sidewalk chalk

We loved sidewalk chalk when we were kids and your little one will too. Just grab a bunch of multi-colored chalk and head out to your driveway for hours of fun. What Moms Love offers 101 Genius Sidewalk Chalk Ideas for you to try out.

Fly A Kite Up To The Highest Heights!

flying a kite

Mary Poppins knew what she was talking about when it came to flying kites with your kiddos. All you need is a large open space and a kite—even something from the Dollar Store will fly. Then, have a ball watching your little one run around with their kite high in the sky.

Rhythms of Play has all the tips and lesson ideas you need to get your kite off the ground. 

Blow Lots Of Bubbles

Blowing bubbles

If you’ve ever gone to a theme park with your kids, you’ll notice that bubbles are incredibly popular. The good news is that you can make your own bubble solution with this recipe from Mom Always Finds Out. 

Then, head outside and have fun blowing bubbles and more bubbles. You can even get a bubble blower machine and entertain your little ones with continuous bubbles that you don’t have to make yourself. 

There are so many ways to spend time outside with your little one this spring. Tell us what you’re up to.

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