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Introducing Two City Rescue and Unicorn Garden Collections

Kissy Kissy

Posted on December 15 2020

Introducing Two City Rescue and Unicorn Garden Collections

We love a classic teddy bear print, but even an infant can appreciate variety. That’s why we love the uniqueness and playfulness of our “City Rescue” and “Unicorn Gardens.” They tap into the imagination of a child, and though we may be adults (and have been for...some time now), we can still remember pretending to dash into save someone or dreaming that we’re frolicking with our very own unicorn friends.

What You Can Expect

With all of our pieces, you can expect to be delighted and surprised by the softness and quality of our 100 percent Pima Cotton fabric. While you may wonder what is so special about classic cotton clothing, there are actually three species of cotton primarily used to make fabrics.

You are probably most familiar with Upland cotton, as it comprises almost 90 percent of all cotton produced in the world. Egyptian and Pima cotton account for the remaining 10 percent. They are both higher-quality cottons classified as “extra-long staple cottons” due to the length of their individual fibers but are made in different parts of the world (which you probably could have guessed).

Our Pima cotton also makes our clothing wrinkle-resistant and less likely to tear, pill, and fade. You can think of every piece of Kissy Kissy clothing as a family keepsake to pass between siblings, cousins, and even generations.

You can throw them in the wash on cold and dry them on low, and the longer fiber length of our Peruvian cotton gives off a slight luster and is smooth and soft to the touch. It’s the silk of cotton and won’t irritate your baby’s skin as they begin to crawl around their big new world. Plus, we use snap closures and zippers, so you won’t have to struggle when it comes time for changing and dressing.

City Rescue Collection

City Rescue Collection

The perfect collection for your little hero-in-training, our “City Rescue” pieces are playfully patterned with images of the people that help keep all of us safe.

Are they obsessed with their toy fire truck? Love to scream along with sirens? Whether you think they’ll grow up to be a firefighter or an EMT, we have playsuits, footies, and hats for that your babe will love.

From full-patterned playsuits to subtle stripes with embroidered patches, these pieces work for a variety of occasions and make the perfect gift for the essential workers in your life who are parents. The “City Rescue” blanket will make a great heirloom and photo opp for them to capture their pride in their work and their new babe.

Unicorn Gardens Collection

Unicorn Gardens Collection

Sweet, precious, and bringing mythical amounts of joy and wonder, our “Unicorn Gardens” collection is inspired by the fantastical delight your little ones bring to the world.

Choose from an all-over pattern of playful, tiny blooms or opt for prancing unicorns with manes made out of pink and yellow flowers. These pieces can brighten up a winter day or make the perfect springtime outfit, and they feature small ruffles for extra flair and fun, making our “Unicorn Gardens” collection one of the most adorable we’ve ever designed.

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