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Toddler Sleeping

Help Your Little One Fall Asleep with our Toddler Pajama Shop!

If you have a toddler, you know that they never seem to stop! Even at night, when they’re exhausted, they’re some type of energizer bunny that just keeps going. Yes, they’ll eventually crash, but it always takes far too long, and they just don’t seem to get enough sleep.

There are millions of other parents just like you who struggle with making sure their toddler gets enough sleep. To help you out, let’s take a look at what that looks like and how you can help your little one fall asleep better. 

How Much Sleep Do Toddler’s Need? 

Sleeping Toddler

First, we need to talk about how much sleep toddlers need. Children between the ages of one and three typically require between 12 and 14 hours of sleep every 24-hour period. Now, don’t panic yet if that seems far off your usual nighttime rituals. The sleep doesn’t have to happen all at once. 

You can split up the time your toddler needs for sleep between naps and bedtime. This means you can try a few different options until you discover what works best—one nap, two naps, more…. 

As your toddler moves to their preschool years (3-5 years), their sleep needs drop slightly to 11 to 13 hours. The difference is that at this time you might be limited to just one nap or no naps at all. 

Helping Your Toddler Sleep Well 

What can you do to establish an excellent bedtime ritual that results in enough quality sleep? No one wants a cranky, sleep-deprived toddler so here are a few things to keep in mind.

Set a Bedtime and Wake-up time

Stick to the same set bedtime and wake-up time every day. This means that no matter what is going on, stick to the schedule. And don’t leave naptime out! Make sure that you have a plan for when your toddler will take a nap—not too late in the day—and then plan every other activity around these key times.

Develop a Bedtime Routine

Reading to Toddler Before Bed

Even little humans love routines. Create a set of calm and enjoyable activities that mark the 30 minutes before bedtime. This can include anything from taking a bath to reading bedtime stories or having a last snack and dink. The idea is to help your toddler wind down. 

Just be sure to set clear limits on your routine. Don’t let your kid ask for one more song or another story. Keep everything set. 

The same goes for what your toddler wears. Make it a routine for your little one to pick out their favorite pajamas, choose their stuffed animal sidekick, and wrap up with their blankie. The more you can do to help your toddler feel calm and relaxed at night, the better.

Create a Soothing Environment

No one sleeps well in environments that are loud, hot, and bright. So, make sure you create the right sleeping environment for your toddler.

If a nightlight is required, keep it on the very lowest setting. Also, make sure the bedroom is quiet or soft, soothing music is playing just loud enough to induce sleep. Don’t allow TV or other screens in the bedroom as they can stimulate your toddler and make it more difficult to sleep. Finally, make sure it’s cool—we all sleep better in cold temperatures.

The Best Pajamas for a Good Night’s Sleep

And to make sure your toddler is as comfortable as possible for bedtime, Kissy Kissy has the toddler pajamas you need for a great night sleep. 

Our essential pajama sets are made of the softest 100% Pima cotton. This means that they’ll be no complaining about itchy or scratchy fabric, which is key to a good night’s sleep. Our Peruvian Pima cotton is also long-lasting. It’s a durable fabric that won’t wear out. Even after machine-washing, it will still give off a slight luster and have its luxurious texture.

The other thing you’ll love about our pajamas is how they fit. They’re snug, which is vitally important. Everyone knows that toddlers don’t sleep in any kind of stillness. The twist and turn and find themselves upside down too frequently to count. Our snug-fitting pajamas will make sure that they don’t get wrapped up in their clothes, but instead, stay comfortable all night long. 

As for the style that’s best for our toddler? There’s really no way to go wrong. We have a dozen favorites, but for your sake, we’ll highlight just a few. 

  • Aviators: What little boy or girl wouldn’t look adorable covered in planes, helicopters, and parachutes?
  • Blue Simple Stripes: Sometimes, simple is best. We love the beauty of our super-soft, striped pajama set.
  • Garden Roses: A sweet pajama set covered in rosebuds? Yes, please!
  • Giraffes Everywhere: If your toddler is into animal prints, they’ll absolutely love our Sophie la giraffe pajamas in pink and blue.
  • Stargazer: What could help your toddler slip into dreamland better than a pajama set made for the stars? 

What’s your favorite pajama set? Let us know!

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