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Hospital Bag Must Haves

Don’t Leave Home Without Them: 10 Hospital Bag Must-Haves


About 3.7 million babies were born in the United States last year, which means there were also millions of expectant parents hurrying from their home to the hospital. Of course, some likely packed well for the long haul and others without an idea of what should have gone in their hospital bag. If you’re like us, you like to be prepared and want to make sure you’ve got everything necessary to have a comfortable pre- and post-delivery experience.

Here, we’ll have a few things you may have already thought of but also some things that might have slipped your mind. And we didn’t forget Dad either! 

ID, Insurance Documents and Birthing Plan

While this one might seem like a no-brainer, you’d be surprised how many soon-to-be parents rush off to the hospital and forget copies of their medical history, birthing plan, insurance information or even driver’s licenses! We recommend putting all this important information into a basic manila folder and including it in your go-bag.

A Cozy Robe

You can’t have all the comforts of home while in the hospital, but you can at least have some of them. Having something like a comfy and cozy robe you can slip into during your stay can make a world of difference! You might also want to pack something equally comfortable like a nightgown for after your delivery.

Lip Balm

Especially for first-time expectant mothers, something as simple as lip balm can be an overlooked necessity. Dry air circulating throughout the hospital will chap your lips quick so be sure to pack a couple sticks of lip balm to keep comfortable through your stay! Because the dry air can also cause your hands and skin to chap, bring some lotion as well.


Along with your lip balm and lotion, you may want to pack a bottle of your favorite shampoo. Having something from home that smells nice can prove to be a real pick-me-up during your time in hospital. Likewise, a towelette for whole-body wipe downs will help you refresh and reset! 

A Comfy Pillow

While the hospital will certainly provide you with pillows, they’re likely not the most comfortable. If you want to make your stay just a little bit more tolerable, bring a pillow or two from home.

All the Snacks

Snacks on snacks on snacks. Labor is incredibly taxing on the body so be sure to pack some healthful snacks that will help you refuel after but also keep you nourished before. There are a number of nutrient-rich snacks that you might want to consider including in your snack bag or cooler.

All the Bras

OK, maybe not all the bras but you’re going to want to pack at least one or two comfortable, supportive bras for pre-delivery as well as a couple of nursing bras for after as well! 

New Cute Clothes for the New Addition

Of course, your little one will need some “take home” clothes. And why not give yourself (and your new baby) some options? Also, you’ll want to take the weather into consideration. Will it be cold? Sunny? Rainy? All of this will impact the clothing you bring your baby home in.


Film and television might have us convinced that the delivery and labor process is loud, quick and chaotic, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, labor might take hours, other times, days, so you ought to be prepared with something to do in your downtime. We recommend some of your favorite books or magazines or a tablet all set with your favorite streaming service. It might make for the perfect time to binge that new season of your favorite show.

Extra Long Phone Charger

If we were making a list of the top 10 things you forgot to pack, this would go at number one. Hospital outlets can come at a premium and may very well be across the room from you so be sure to pack a charger with an extra-long cable so you can keep all your various devices charged. You’re going to need plenty of juice to take all those selfies, right?


Bonus: 5 Must-Haves for Dad

Even More Snacks

Yes, believe it or not, Dad is going to get hungry too so make sure he packs plenty of snacks for himself (and if he’s got any leftover, he can give the rest to you!).

A Change (or Two) of Clothes

Labor can take a while. Hopefully it doesn’t. But, if it does, make sure Dad is prepared with an extra change of clothes, just in case. Oh, and make sure he packs some deodorant as well.


Phone, music, tablet or laptop, whatever it is, make sure Dad remembers to bring some kind of entertainment to keep himself occupied. And one of those extra-long chargers for himself too because, no, he can’t use yours.

Massage Oil

There’s nothing better than being catered to and, pre- and post-delivery, you should be waited on hand and foot. One thing your hubby should be prepared to do is give you a nice massage so be sure to slide some fragrant massage oil into his go-bag.

A Push Present

This is an old concept with a new name but it might be a good idea to drop some hints that you’re expecting a “push present” to mark the occasion of your baby’s birth. If, like some celebrities, you’re looking out for a Ferrari or diamond necklace, great! But, if you’re not in the jet-set, something for the baby—a diaper bag, or stroller—could suffice or even just something you’ve had your eye on for a while. Go head, drop some hints!


With a little forethought and careful packing, you (and Dad) should be all set to welcome your little on into the world with the least amount of stress possible!

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