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9 Baby Shower Gift Ideas They’ll Love

9 Baby Shower Gift Ideas They’ll Love

Baby Showers are the best! It’s so fun to celebrate a new mom and to shower her with your love, affection, and best of all, gifts. But what’s a good gift? How do you know what to get for that new little one or their soon-to-be-exhausted parent?

It’s ok! You’re not alone in worrying about purchasing the best baby shower gift, and we’ve got your back with nine baby shower gift ideas that everyone is sure to love!

Baby Boy

Aviators Take Me Home Gift Set

Every baby boy deserves to look great and feel comfortable. That’s why there’s the “Aviators Take Me Home Gift Set.” This adorable, all-in-one clothing set includes an aviator themed footie with matching jacket, hat, and bib. It’s gorgeous, made of 100% quality Pima cotton, and everything a new baby boy could need coming home from the hospital. Best yet, it’s machine washable, so it’s easy to keep clean and comfortable. 

Baby Girl 

Garden Rose Take Me Home Gift Set

For the delightful baby girl, there’s the “Garden Roses Take Me Home Gift Set.” This four-piece set is ideal for moms and dads who love to dress up their little one in quality products that look and feel great. It comes with a rosebud printed footie, matching cardigan, fitted-style hat, and bib. Made of 100% Pima cotton, this outfit is durable and machine washable. The best of all worlds!


Don’t know if they’re having a girl or a boy? That’s okay. The surprise is wonderful and there are still plenty of gifts out there that could fit both a boy or a girl. We particularly love our “Giraffe Generations Print Footie.” This charming and playfully patterned footie is ideal for any sweet baby. You’ll love the cute giraffes that adorn the outfit, and you’ll be impressed by how soft our 100% Peruvian Pima Cotton is. And don’t forget to pick up the matching hat for some extra fun.

Comfort Is Key 

If you think comfort is key, and you’re not happy giving clothes that the mom-to-be may not like, then stick with a blanket instead. Our “Silver Ele-Fun Blanket” works for both baby boys and baby girls. Its simple yet elegant design is made up of playful elephants that anyone would love. Best yet, this isn’t your average baby blanket. It’s made with 2-ply for warmth and comfort, and sized at 28.5in x 26in for a blanket that really works. And since it’s made from 100% Pima Cotton, it’s a blanket that will last for years of comfort.

Bath Time Fun 

Every little baby deserves a wonderful bath time. That’s why we made our “Hatchlings Bath Sack.” This soft, hooded sack is perfect for after baby’s bath. It’s made from 100% Pima Cotton and absorbent terry, so baby dries off quickly and comfortably. This is a gift that most new parents won’t think about, but they’ll appreciate when they have it. 

Prepared Parent 

Days of the week bodysuit set

For the parent who loves to be prepared, there’s our “Days of the Week Bodysuit Set” for both girls and boys. This suit set has baby covered seven days a week! That’s a lot of cuteness overload that any parent would be grateful for. Even better, there’s a matching bib set for girls and boys too! This way you can double up on gifts with a friend.

Ready for Messy

Kids are messy. They can’t help it but no new parent is prepared for quite how messy a new baby can get. That’s why it’s your duty as a baby shower attendee to get them what they need. The perfect gift to give or receive is our set of three coordinating burp cloths inside a tulle bag. These burp cloths are made from the same, soft Pima cotton as our clothes but with an extra-absorbent terrycloth back to clean up all of baby’s messes.

Our favorite burp cloth set for boys is the “Blue Dot 3 Pack Burp Set w/ Tulle Bag”, and for girls it’s the “Pink Stripe 3 Pack Burp Set w/ Tulle Bag.”

Beat the Cold 


There’s nothing worse than a cold baby. Since we’re still in the middle of winter, now is the perfect time to buy a baby shower gift that’s all about keeping baby warm. For that, we recommend our “White Kissy Basics Mittens.” These mittens—available in blue, pink, and white—are a necessity for any newborn’s wardrobe. Not only do they provide warmth, but they also prevent baby from accidentally scratching their delicate skin. 

Novelty Gifter 

Childs Blanket

When it comes to gifts, if you prefer to be non-traditional, we don’t blame you. Why be like everyone else? To help you out, take a look at our “Gray Elephant Knit Novelty Blanket”. This snuggly blanket is made of ultra-soft cotton and is the perfect blanket for mom and dad to use when snuggling up with their new little one. Measuring approximately 37” x 30”, this blanket with playful, parading elephants is one-of-a-kind.

We hope these baby gift ideas make your next baby shower gift an absolute hit!

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