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5 Must-Read Tips for Styling Your Beautiful Baby Bump

5 Must-Read Tips for Styling Your Beautiful Baby Bump


By now, you probably have a pretty good sense of your own personal style or fashion sense but, with your pregnancy and your changing body, you might find that sense challenged. Therefore, you might find yourself refining or changing your look and that’s OK!

 In general, remember this is your pregnancy so do what you feel is best for you. If you feel comfortable in baggy sweats, cozy night gowns and house clothes, more power to you. If you want to keep your same style despite some changes, you can do that too.

 Here, we want to give our best tips for dressing your beautiful new baby bump, which can be relevant for any pregnancy but acknowledge they won’t be perfect for every pregnancy!

 At Home Shopping

 First off, take a trip into your own closet before you head out (or online) to shop. You might be surprised at just what will still fit your new fab baby body but also look trendy and stylish. They are your clothes, after all. 

 You might be surprised at how much of your existing wardrobe can still be used by simply adjusting how you wear it. For instance, you can turn long skirts into dresses and dresses into skirts while using a belt to cinch the waist! Give it a shot before you shop.

Transcend the Maternity Mindset

 This is to say, don’t feel like you have to head directly into the maternity section or store just because your baby bump is growing. Using the above tip, you might not even need to head to the maternity section at all.

 But, we will say, the most relevant part of a new wardrobe you’ll need is the pants. Even though the vast majority of styles feature some amount of elastane or stretch, this isn’t always enough. By the time the second trimester comes, fitting into even your stretchy pre-pregnancy jeans might prove difficult. We like loose boyfriend cuts or super-stretch-friendly skinny jeans. Some companies feature elastic inserts instead of the kinda-awkward maternity belly bands.

 Buy Pieces for Maternity and Beyond

 We’re quickly seeing the effects of so-called “fast fashion.” While it’s good to pass along maternity clothes to your friends or family who may soon be expecting, this is not always feasible. That’s why it’s a good idea to shop like you’ll want to keep some or all of these pieces even after you’ve given birth.

 One way to do this is to shop for regular, non-maternity dresses, but just go up from your usual size or two. Avoid pieces that feature a defined waist and instead opt for stretchy or loose fabrics. While you’re pregnant, these styles will fit perfect but then, after you’ve had your baby, they’ll look flowy and fashionable.

 Dressed to Conceal

 Although, there are times, for one reason or another, you may want to conceal your baby bump until you’re ready to spread the good news far and wide. Therefore, we’ve also got some ideas for hiding your growing bump:

  • Playing with Prints

 Bold, brash prints lead the eyes to focus on the pattern rather than your body.

  • The Layered Look

 During this time, you may want to prevent attention drawn to your bust because, when pregnant, your bust size will increase along with your bump. Especially in the cooler months, go for layering using cardigans, sweaters or jackets can help conceal both your bust and your bump.

  • Embrace the Dark Side

 Of course, everyone knows the old caveat, “Black is slimming,” and, this being true whether your pregnant or not, feel free to embrace your dark side when trying to conceal your bump. Opt for dark garments that cinch below your chest like an empire-waist dress.

 Learn to Love the Bump

 While there are plenty of women who are ready to embrace the bump from the first moment they start showing, others aren’t ready to see the change so quickly or, sometimes, at all. No matter which side of this you fall on, at a certain point in your pregnancy, your bump is going to show so you have to learn how to embrace it. When the time comes, feel free to flaunt your bump with a body-hugging dress or outfit.


 Make your pregnancy style all you want it to be. Dress up or dress down your bump to conceal or reveal. As long as you’re comfortable and feeling yourself, that’s all that matters in the end. Remember, a happy mama means a happy baby!

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