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Buy Now, Save Later

Buy Now, Save Later - Is now over!

*Please check your account for your store credit! We will also be emailing you your store credit code - happy shopping!

Shop through the month of October and earn rewards! The more you purchase the more you save! We know the holidays are quickly approaching and we want to encourage everyone to shop early & save big!


- How do I start earning reward credit?

      • If you have an account on, you are already signed up!
      • If not, sign up by clicking on the key symbol at the bottom left of the page.

- How much credit can I earn?

      • Spend $125 - $299 – Get $25 KK Credit
      • Spend $300 - $499 – Get $75 KK Credit
      • Spend $500 - $999 – Get $150 KK Credit
      • Spend $1000 or more – Get $300 KK Credit

      - When will I receive my KK credit and how?

          • KK Credit will be emailed to you in the first week of November. If you are logged in on, you will be reminded of this credit in your cart and during checkout (you can’t miss it!)

      - Does my credit expire?

          • Credit will expire on 12/24/2020 – and we will send you a reminder.

      - What can I use my credit on?

        • Credit can be used sitewide, on all products! It cannot be used on egift cards.

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